We are a passionate food company. AlGourmet is an extension of Saahtain. At Saahtain, we never use any additives, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. Our products contain no bulking agents, and we only use wholesome natural ingredients to prepare our meals. We believe that the people involved in our business are our greatest assets.

In simple words, Halal basically refers to something being lawful. When we say Halal food, we refer to food that is prepared with accordance to Muslim dietary guidelines.

Now, how does this make us different? If you’ve encountered situations where you have to think twice about whether or not the food you are about to eat is Halal, we are proud to say that we have solved your problem. We come with Halal certification! 

Now that we’re past the important but boring stuff, let’s move on to what we do. What kind of food do we make? We are the producers of world’s first Halal ready-to-eat meals. If you’re introduced to the word ‘Halal’ for the first time, you’re probably wondering what Halal is.

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