Our recipes most definitely have an integral role to play in serving you. Our team of highly educated foodies travels the world, round the clock to help us bring to you authentic flavors from around the globe.

From the Gateway of India to the Great Wall of China, from the deserts of Sub-Saharan Africa to the deserts of the Middle-East, from the islands of Indonesia to the islands of Malaysia, we pick popular dishes from a region and attempt to bring you localized cuisines in a delicious and nutritious form.

Through our recipes, we also aim to take you on a culinary journey across the world, making sure that our food is prepared using good quality, 100% Halal ingredients.

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AlGourmet brand will be available in leading Duty Free shops in major international airports, large European and Middle Eastern retailers and specialist food outlets across MENA.

We also supply a range of independent specialist shops across the Middle East.


We also do international shipment.  If your country is not listed below, please send us an email at



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