Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to our Chinese food lovers

Here's 6 fun facts about CNY that you need to know about:

Chinese hold their new year celebrations between the 21st of January and February 20th, depending on the Chinese lunar calendar.

It is considered good luck to thoroughly clean the house for the festival, thus getting rid of any bad feelings. Failing to do so can bring dishonour and bad luck to the family rather than the good fortune.

Chinese families will usually fill their houses with red decorations as this is held to be a very lucky colour.

Shou Sui is the practice of staying up until midnight as a family to greet the new year.

Chinese New Year starts a new animal’s zodiac year and this year, it is the year of DOG.

Lastly, billions of red packets are distributed out - given out from older to younger, from bosses to employees, and from leaders to underlings. It is like a special New Year's bonus.

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