Food #trends 2015

noun: trend plural noun: trends

  1. A general direction in which something is developing or changing.

  2. A fashion.


  1. Change or develop in a general direction.

Be it a noun or a verb, trend is something which is generally popular among the masses. Trend is something which is rad, unique and stands out (hopefully not like a sore thumb!) The word ‘trend’ is often associated with fashion. But today on the #AlGourmet blog, we’ll be talking about the 2015 food trends in Dubai. Here are the top 5 food trends gaining a buzz!

Convenience foods: GCC has seen a steady growth in population and urbanization, which has led to a people shifting to a more work-oriented lifestyle. People spend less time on creating expansive meals and resort to convenience foods, which are ready-to-eat and pre-packaged. There is now a growing demand for processed food, which currently accounts for more than 50 per cent of the GCC food industry (Frost & Sullivan) and equated to a value of USD 25 billion in 2013.

Healthy foods: Consumers are now becoming increasingly aware of what foods are beneficial for them. As a result, there has been a significant rise in demand for foods which are healthy, preservative free, and so on. This is true for both local and international markets. With obesity and diabetes being dominant health concerns for residents of the UAE, the health food sector will definitely continue to boom. Fast-foods and processed foods which are now being consumed at a speedy rate, leave parents looking for healthier food options in order to help children battle obesity. This has also pushed restaurants to restructure their menus to provide wholesome, nutritious food instead of empty calories.

Halal: Halal food is becoming increasingly popular across the world. Several countries are now providing halal food in order to meet the food needs of Muslim majority. Almost one-fifth of the world food trade comprises of Halal food, and the growth prospects seem promising. Halal extends into a wide variety of foodstuffs, from meat to dairy, and from canned foods to baked goods and cold drinks, the trend being adapted by mainstream food giants and niche manufacturers alike.

Spice blends: With global cuisines taking center stage, consumers are introduced to a variety of flavors. Their interest in bold flavors and exotic spice combinations is ever-growing. Spices such as cumin, saffron, cardamom, and sumac find a home in many kitchen cabinets and are easily available in most supermarkets.

Essential fats: The switch from fattening cooking agents such as butter and shortening to healthier cooking agents such as vegetable oil, olive oil is becoming more evident. With more and more consumers being acquainted with obesity, the need for food rich in omega-3 fats has increased as consumers choose to replace saturated fats with good unsaturated fats.

We are now proud to say that #AlGourmet is trendy and definitely should be on your must-have list. We are the Middle-east’s first ever #halal #ready-to-eat meal, and provides decadent foods such as chicken biryani cooked in #oliveoil, which is #healthy.

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