Happy #JunkFood Day!

Happy #JunkFood Day

Greetings to our fellow bloggers and readers! Today at #AlGourmet, we are celebrating Junk Food Day! Junk food is the ultimate comfort food, especially after a long day at work or countless hours of traveling. Who can say no to a juicy hamburger, crispy fries and a sweet cold-drink that could quench your thirst with just a drop? At that point, where you are completely drained of energy, craving fried, rich, creamy, and heavy foods only seem natural.

Junk foods then begin to become a part of your existence to such an extent that your existence probably depends on them. However, like most foods in the food industry, ready-to-eat meals have a bad reputation for being high in sodium, artificial flavors, with only a pinch of nutritional value. Needless to say, ready-to-eat meals instantly become the bad guys and join the gang of junk foods.

And we’re not going to lie, because for most part, this is true. A TV documentary maker named Nicky Taylor reported her experience eating only microwave meals for a month. The end result? She successfully lost a few pounds, but at the risk of her health. Her vitamin C and iron levels were declined to the point where if she continued to stay on the same diet, she would have severely compromised her health. Read more on http://dailym.ai/1SyRqR9

After reading this report, we know that your faith in ready-to-eat meals would remain no more. We would feel the same. But we also understand the problems that frequent travelers and individuals who stay away from home face. Cooking may seem out of the option. And that is why, we at #AlGourmet produce 100% #Natural, #Wholesome and #Nutritious meals.

Our range of products contain no MSG. If you’re wondering what MSG is, it is an abbreviation for Mono-sodium glutamate. MSG is a type of salt that is used most commonly in Asian cooking. MSG is considered to be an excitotoxin, which means t overexcites your cells to point of cell damage and eventually- brain damage. Apart from this, regular consumption of MSG is also known to have adverse effects such as obesity, headaches, fatigue and depression. With the exclusion of this harmful substance, our product just became so much more likeable, didn’t it?

We also have no artificial flavors or colors which mean that whenever you consume our product, you can be assured that whatever enters your stomach is 100% #Natural. Our recipes are designed to be the perfect, balanced meal.

So, the next time you think of ready-to-eat meals as junk food, count #AlGourmet out of your blacklist! Happy browsing, and most importantly – Happy Eating!

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