Eat Healthy
Eat Healthy

Thanks to its large Muslim population and the dynamism of its halal market, the fastest growing segment of Europe is its Halal food market. France, Germany, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy have significant Muslim populations, but these populations originated from different countries and regions. Food habits of these diverse populations are extremely different.

Young Muslim consumers are now demanding visibility of ready-to-eat products in supermarket shelves, more precision in the quality and composition of the recipes, and appropriate halal certification.

If you are a part of the Young Muslim population, you may be well-aware of what happens once you say goodbye to your comfortable nest. You are made to fend for yourself out there in the real world one day at a time. Apart from studying, doing your own laundry, dishes, keeping your room clean - all become a part of your to-do list. All of these tasks are manageable and can be handled with ease, even with a slight case of procrastination.

But cooking at the end of a tiring day? Now that may seem to put you in a fix. You then begin to rely on restaurants as your food source. However, if you are a part of the Muslim-majority, you may also be aware of the troubles that come along with finding Halal food, and even if you do find Halal food, chances are that it most likely belongs to the category of junk food. And after a while, even you begin to realise that heavy reliance on junk food is not a good solution. There is also a likelihood that differences may exist in the food options that are provided to Muslim consumers and Non-Muslim consumers.

Filled with the need to eat healthy food, you have one option before you – which is cooking homemade food. But procrastination may seem to be your worst enemy and keep you from entering the kitchen. Or horrible past experiences may also haunt you, every time you decide to enter the kitchen.

Whatever be your situation, at Al Gourmet, we recognise your need for quick and easy meals, without compromising on nutrition. We thus present to you - our Young Muslim population - the world’s first Halal ready-to-eat meals. We also believe in serving you gourmet meals based on the local cuisines of regions you may reside in. That way, you also get an opportunity to taste diverse cuisines comprising of 100% Halal meats.

So now, enjoy quick and nutritious meals, gourmet-style, without having to worry about whether what you are eating is Halal or not. Happy Eating!

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