The #Halal Food Wave

With Muslim travelers exploring exotic locations, #Halal tourism is gaining popularity. Gone are the days where one would constantly worry about not being able to fulfill their religious obligations while enjoying their trip at the same time.

Halal basically refers to anything that is permissible, which makes it a term not just restricted to food, but also a term which is extended to abiding by modesty. Several locations across the globe provide Muslim travelers with the opportunity to stay in hotels which ensure their privacy.

A rental company in Orlando, Florida, is offering "halal vacation homes" with curtained pool decks and rooms with prayer mats and copies of the Quran, according to a report on Voice of America (VOA) website.

The rise in Halal tourism has also led to a significant rise in #Halal cuisine globally. The Halal #food wave in Korea is proof of this. Specialty stores are now being opened to cater to the needs of Muslim consumers in Korea. Only those meats which are Halal certified are given to Muslim consumers.

The Chinese #food industry is also beginning to accommodate Halal cuisine in their food scene. Consumers in Beijing and Shanghai are responding excellently to #Halal restaurants run by Muslims, according to a report on Business Recorder website. It is not only because the food is Halal, but also because of the diversity in food and unlimited options of delicacies to choose from.

The growth of #Halal food industry worldwide has definitely paved a path to a pleasurable travel experience for all Muslim travelers. But what is it that can take their journey to a whole new level? The answer is simple – #AlGourmet #Halal, ready-to-eat meals. It does take time to find your bearings and get acquainted with a new destination. But if hunger rears its ugly head and leaves you feeling famished, simply heat our #Halal, ready-to-eat meals and enjoy a gourmet quick-eat!

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